I have had the great pleasure in guest lecturing in undergraduate courses such as Cell Biology and Environmental Microbiology and graduate courses in Biology of Shellfishes, Science Communication, and in this summer’s Ocean Policy course.

I also had the unique opportunity to teach at one of the most ethnically diverse universities in the United States (University of California, Merced), with much of the student body comprised of first-generation college students. I also had the opportunity to serve students at a large campus with over 46,000 undergraduates (Pennsylvania State University). During my time at UC Merced and Penn State I assisted in the instruction of discussion- and laboratory-based courses such as Molecular and Cellular Biology as well as Introduction to Biological Concepts and Biodiversity.

University of California, Merced

Introduction to Molecular Biology (BIO2); FA 2009
An introduction to the molecules and molecular processes underlying life. Overview of structures and chemical properties of biological macromolecules.

Cellular Biology (BIO110); FA 2008, SP 2009, SP 2010, SP 2011, FA 2012, & SP 2012
An introduction to the structure and function of bacterial, plant and animal cells, with an emphasis on universal cellular systems, including regulation of subcellular organization, control of cellular processes by internal and external signaling, energy capture, storage and usage, and cell cycle.

The Pennsylvania State University
Introduction to Biological Concepts & Biodiversity (BIO110); FA 2013
An introduction to the foundation for the basic concepts that govern life. In addition, these concepts are used to explain the processes of evolution which contribute to the biodiversity that we observe today.

I enjoy teaching about and exploring the natural world, its diversity, and the challenges faced by our environment and I experience great satisfaction sharing my passion with others including elementary school students and providing guest science lectures. My outreach efforts aim to help build interest and awareness of marine environments and the challenges they face.

Schools were I have served as a Guest Biologist:
West Portal Elementary, San Francisco, CA
Corl Street Elementary, State College, PA
Farmdale Elementary School, Merced, CA